We are glad to announce the 7th Brazilian Meeting on Chemical Speciation (7th EspeQBrazil) and the 16th Rio Symposium on Atomic Spectrometry (16th RSAS).The 7th EspeQBrazil and 16th RSAS will take place in the South of Brazil, in Bento Gonçalves City, which is well-recognized for its beautiful landscape and the production of many awarded wines in South America. Both meetings occur every two years. This year the 7th EspeQBrazil and the 16th RSAS will be held together in sequence at the Dall'Onder Grande Hotel, in Bento Gonçalves City, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.

The aim of this joint meeting is to bring together experts from universities, research institutes, companies, laboratories, and industry on a worldwide discussion on the current progress in various areas involving Chemical Speciation and Atomic Spectrometry. Together we will explore emerging trends and their applications across diverse fields such as environmental, food, pharmaceutical, biological, geological, industrial materials, and other interesting fields. Network and mutual exchange of experiences and ideas are expected to take place during the meetings.

While EspeQBrazil has been previously organized in Bento Gonçalves city, this will be the first time that RSAS will take place in Rio Grande do Sul State. The local Organizing Committee is planning, in addition to an attractive scientific program, social activities for the participants so that you have the opportunity to enjoy a good wine and the natural beauties of the South highlands region. The city of Bento Gonçalves offers a range of tourist attractions and excellent hospitality and gastronomical infrastructure that will assure a pleasant environment to the participants.

On the knowledge that your participation will contribute to the success of these meetings, we look forward to welcoming you in Bento Gonçalves city for the 7th EspeQBrazil and 16th RSAS in November this year.